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Scraps, Doodles and Mostly Completed Things

Posted in Color Work, Scraps and Sketches, Tablet stuff on November 12, 2010 by Davie

Enough waiting about.  The following images are basically everything I’ve done in Photoshop over the last couple months–complete, incomplete, practice, such and such.  Any tips on how to improve the backgrounds of the first two are much appreciated.

And yes,  I need to finish some of the damn things.  Still, it’s good practice.

Pretty much my best so far. Background's giving me trouble though.

Needs more sand and such in the back. Some anatomy issues, too...

My original intention was just a regular-looking guy, but I kind of abandoned when I inadvertently gave him the creepiest expression it is possible for the human face to assume.

Started out as STALKER fanart. Don't know why I haven't finished it.

I honestly completely forgot I ever drew this.

Just a quick value experiment.




Posted in Color Work, Tablet stuff on June 1, 2010 by Davie

In lieu of an OO page today (What I really meant was I’ll be able to start updating on Thursday) here is a drawing  I did for a friend as a birthday present.  I draw robots freehand all the time, but this is the first time I’d tried to fully refine a robot illustration.  He looks kind of like he’s made of plastic instead of metal, but oh well.  It’s in color, which is nice.


Some randomness.

Posted in Color Work, Scraps and Sketches on May 20, 2010 by Davie

I’m really trying to get in the habit of posting more frequently, so I’ll be putting up more scraps and sketches, I think.  Stuff that’s hardly mind-blowing, but perhaps still worth a look.  So here’s a loose, half-hour drawing I did for a friend, an excellent artist in her own right.  You should check out her stuff if you have any interest in rather lighthearted manga-style artwork.

He has a ridiculous ponytail thing.

Now with added Sexy Wizard

Posted in Color Work, Tablet stuff on May 18, 2010 by Davie

This is a first-time occurrence.  I predicted new content to put up on the site this week, and I do in fact have new content to put up on the site this week.  Wow.  Maybe I’m finally getting my act together.  Anyhow, due to an exporting error, the Photoshop piece I was working on meticulously and carefully had its resolution drastically reduced for no apparent reason, to the point wehre I couldn’t really finish it with any hope of it looking good.  In a rage, I started painting something else, with no particular plan in mind, and four hours later I had produced a rather easy-on-the-eyes spellcaster.  It’s by far the best color work I’ve ever done.  I’m just a little bit pleased with myself.

There are a few anatomical and lighting issues, for sure, which I may attempt to improve at some point, but it is, for all intents and purposes, finished.  Whoop!

UPDATE: Posted a slightly refined version.  Props to Jake for pointing out some flaws.

Soon-to-be more tablet work and good news!

Posted in Color Work, Tablet stuff on February 16, 2010 by Davie

GAH.  Here I go again.  A whole month without posting.  Of course, this time I have a semi-reasonable excuse–my tablet’s stylus went missing, as I explained in the last post.  Some very generous people gave me a new one as a gift, and I’ve been back at it.  I’m working on a large color piece to celebrate, which hopefully will be up within the week.

In other news, Comission Man who offered me a job in effing October finally got his crap together and sent me an email a couple weeks ago.  Apparently I’m in, but I received virtually no information on what I was supposed to draw.  I’m doing some rather generic fantasy illustrations, because that’s about all I have to go on in terms of what he wants.  Huh.  This guy doesn’t really seem on top of it.  I intend to squeeze as much cash out of him as my morals permit, for being generally spacey.

Anyhow, new drawings will be up soon, so all, what, seven of you readers will be happy!  Yay.