Scraps, Doodles and Mostly Completed Things

Enough waiting about.  The following images are basically everything I’ve done in Photoshop over the last couple months–complete, incomplete, practice, such and such.  Any tips on how to improve the backgrounds of the first two are much appreciated.

And yes,  I need to finish some of the damn things.  Still, it’s good practice.

Pretty much my best so far. Background's giving me trouble though.

Needs more sand and such in the back. Some anatomy issues, too...

My original intention was just a regular-looking guy, but I kind of abandoned when I inadvertently gave him the creepiest expression it is possible for the human face to assume.

Started out as STALKER fanart. Don't know why I haven't finished it.

I honestly completely forgot I ever drew this.

Just a quick value experiment.



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