Now with added Sexy Wizard

This is a first-time occurrence.  I predicted new content to put up on the site this week, and I do in fact have new content to put up on the site this week.  Wow.  Maybe I’m finally getting my act together.  Anyhow, due to an exporting error, the Photoshop piece I was working on meticulously and carefully had its resolution drastically reduced for no apparent reason, to the point wehre I couldn’t really finish it with any hope of it looking good.  In a rage, I started painting something else, with no particular plan in mind, and four hours later I had produced a rather easy-on-the-eyes spellcaster.  It’s by far the best color work I’ve ever done.  I’m just a little bit pleased with myself.

There are a few anatomical and lighting issues, for sure, which I may attempt to improve at some point, but it is, for all intents and purposes, finished.  Whoop!

UPDATE: Posted a slightly refined version.  Props to Jake for pointing out some flaws.


2 Responses to “Now with added Sexy Wizard”

  1. I like it. I’d suggest increasing the contrast. Darker shading on her right side (our left) will help bring definition to her exposed skin and her dress. This will help her leg especially, which is a little formless, and will bring solidness to the places that you would usually use pen/pencil lines to define.

    Adding a stronger highlights on her left side will make the whole thing stand out a bit more. You’ve got some nice lighting going there, but don’t feel afraid to be less subtle.

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