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The Omniscient Orb: Pages 1-3

Posted in Sorrel and Artichoke on April 29, 2010 by Davie

Here are the first three pages of the comic.  I’ll be trying to follow a Tuesday-Thursday release schedule for these things.  If the comic actually brings me some traffic–an event which is extremely unlikely but fortunately not quite statistically impossible–I might give it its own site.  But that’s probably horribly optimistic of me.

Click for  larger versions.  Here goes.


Announcing the Omniscient Orb!

Posted in Sorrel and Artichoke on April 27, 2010 by Davie

Recently, I realized much of the reason so few of my projects get finished is the fact that I spend months meticulously planning and drawing concept pages and the like, and by the time I actually get started, I’m sick of it and don’t want to continue.  Last night, I decided to remedy that.

I decided to start a new comic.  Not start thinking about a new comic, or draw a few concepts to be used in a new comic at a later date, but get my ass in gear and actually produce something immediately.  The results have been a little crazy–the artwork is rough and scribbly and the story, which I’m making up as I go along, is kind of insane and over-the-top.  However, that’s the best part.  I’ve started something that I’m genuinely having fun making, and as such will almost certainly get finished.  If I can keep up with my current rate of production, I’ll be able to post a couple pages a week up on this site.

A brief introduction:  Sorrel is a laid-back fellow who works in The Squeaky Spoon Aerial Public House, an airborne tavern.  He’s a self-titled “booze wizard” who uses magic to speed-ferment the pub’s alcohol, earning him steady pay from the proprietor, who is quite thankful to Sorrel for speeding up production.  Sorrel is disinterested in adventure and excitement, and reminds everyone that he only wears a sleeveless leather trenchcoat because it looks cool, not because he’s a badass.  Unfortunately for him, he’s drafted into the service of Artichoke, a hardassed mercenary with a giant shotgun, who is convinced that Sorrel is an incredibly powerful wizard who is more than capable of helping her out.  Artichoke’s been paid by an unknown benefactor to find the mysterious Omniscient Orb, and she’s perfectly happy to beat the hell out of anyone and anything that stands in her way of finding it.  Actually, she’s perfectly happy to beat the hell out of anyone and anything, period.

The first page or two will go up on Thursday.

Comic Character Concepts Post

Posted in Uncategorized on April 7, 2010 by Davie

So, I did some concept drawings of the three main characters in the oh so epic pseudo-scifi graphic novelish thing I’m working on.  I’m making progress on it, but it’s veeery slow.  I don’t expect to finish it this year.  Hell, maybe not even next year.  I’ll try to have it done before the apocalypse, whether that’s in 2012 or 2000012.  It could be either at this point.

The drawings aren’t 100% as I’d like them.  And yeah, I know, white guy, black guy, chick.  I utterly failed at coming up with anything other than basic archetypes, so I’m trying to make their personalities more uinique than their appearance.

That’s Vazhu Silivasi, our protagonist.  He’s a soldier-turned-refugee after his native Dacia was conquered overnight by the Ottoman State.  He’s generally mistrustful of people, and the fact that he was mugged by local gangsters the second he walked off the boat from Italy didn’t really do much to remedy that.  He’s also suffering from a mild case of post-traumatic stress disorder after being forced into a vicious combat situation the night the Ottomans invaded.  Essentially, he’s in pretty poor shape, and at the beginning of the story he doesn’t really know what to do now.  He wants revenge for the theft of his homeland, but doesn’t quite know how he’s going to go about it.

David Tarrelton (he prefers Davie) found Vazhu half-conscious in an alley after the aforementioned mugging, and invited him home for dinner.  He’s a decent sort, quick to help people and quick to trust them, and is the only person Vazhu is fully relaxed around.  He works as a cook in a restaurant, but picked up the talent of bulletmaking and a .42 pistol from his father, and as such is one of the few firearm-owning civilians.  (The things are very expensive these days, so anyone interested in home defense usually sticks with a bladed weapons of some sort.  Gun collectors are pretty much nonexistent.)  He’s generally sickened by the way the gangs assault and steal from immigrants who don’t know their way around, and by the fact that the police force considers them a minor threat and is making no move to take them down.  He also is an inept shaver, and is therefore stuck with semipermanent hobo-face.

…aaaaand the lead female.  Her name, nationality, profession, and how she appears in the story are all up in the air at this point.  This is what she looks like, and that’s about all I’ve got.  I’ll work her in somehow.  I think of her as a sensible and well-spoken character.  She’s not just a set of boobs, for sure.

Anyway, that’s what I have for now.  I have other character concepts, but revealing them would spoil some of the story, so I think I’ll hold off on those.  Although I might do more CCCPs (holy crap I just noticed that acronym) as they help me get my thoughts in order.  And are fun to write.  Funnily enough, I think I actually know a good deal more about these characters now than before I started this post.

I’m doggedly poking along on the comic at the moment, and I’m thinking about maybe putting up some pages at some point in the future (and by future, I mean in the next year or so, so don’t hold your breath).

Wait…who reads this blog anyway?  Let me look at the comments…it would appear to be…one person!  Rutskarn!  Thanks for showing some form of remote interest; you seem to be the only one!