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Posted in Uncategorized on February 28, 2010 by Davie

This was rather unexpected, but I had the chance to do something excellent tonight.  I found an old copy of Corel Painter 8 while cleaning out my CD rack.  I installed it, screwed around for five minutes, realized the power at my fingertips, and decided to do some sort of project.  Browsing the absolutely excellent for ideas, I came across this tutorial and decided to give selfportraiture a shot.  Despite my artistic skills being nowhere near those of Andrew Jones, it came out remarkably well.  Painter is my new favorite program and has absolutely replaced Flash, OpenCanvas, Manga Studio, and GIMP as my tablet medium of choice.  Hopefully you’ll see more Painter stuff in the future.

Hey, first piece of (recent, not crappy) color work on this blog. Someone should throw a party.


Soon-to-be more tablet work and good news!

Posted in Color Work, Tablet stuff on February 16, 2010 by Davie

GAH.  Here I go again.  A whole month without posting.  Of course, this time I have a semi-reasonable excuse–my tablet’s stylus went missing, as I explained in the last post.  Some very generous people gave me a new one as a gift, and I’ve been back at it.  I’m working on a large color piece to celebrate, which hopefully will be up within the week.

In other news, Comission Man who offered me a job in effing October finally got his crap together and sent me an email a couple weeks ago.  Apparently I’m in, but I received virtually no information on what I was supposed to draw.  I’m doing some rather generic fantasy illustrations, because that’s about all I have to go on in terms of what he wants.  Huh.  This guy doesn’t really seem on top of it.  I intend to squeeze as much cash out of him as my morals permit, for being generally spacey.

Anyhow, new drawings will be up soon, so all, what, seven of you readers will be happy!  Yay.