More Tablet Work and Terrible News

I had a flash of inspiration a couple of weeks ago, and spent the night drawing like hell with my tablet, and listening to the entire Orange Box soundtrack.  I produced some surprisingly good stuff–better than my usual work for sure.  However, a week later, some guests slept in my room, and when they left, I noticed my stylus was gone!  They must have had something to do with its disappearance, inadvertent and well-meaning as they may have been.  I have yet to find it, which means no tablet sketching, coloring, or refining anything new.  I’m really starting to hate Wacom, too, as they programmed a pen-sized piece of plastic to be the only thing that functions with the tablet, and replacements cost SEVENTY DOLLARS.  That truly is ridiculous.  It was the most basic model of stylus, too–it had a narrow end and a thick end, and a right-click button, that’s it–and they want $69.99 for a replacement.  Guess I just have to keep looking…

Anyhow, enough of my ranting.  Here are the drawings.

About to jump out and cap some jerks. This was the first I did, and the best, in my opinion.

Not the greatest. Still, pretty decent, seeing as I did it in eight minutes or so.

The RIGHT MAN in the can make all the DIF-ference. In the world...

Listening to loads of Half-Life music resulted in some Half-Life art! I still find the Gman creepy.


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