Merchant Caravan

A couple months ago, I realized I hardly drew anyone not armor-clad and holding a weapon, so I decided on a change of pace.  I would draw a wealthy merhant and his caravan…surrounded by beweaponed mercenaries!  Anyhow, the wagon kind of got phased out and replaced my more and more hardcore-lookin’ guys in the background, but I still like it.  It’s the largest group of people I’ve really put any effort into drawing, and the hatching and detail level came out quite well as far as I’mk concerned.  The only thing that really bugs me is that I couldn’t make the wagon wheel look round, and the merchant’s right eye is kind of offset and bugging out.  But I put a lot of work into this one, and have been told it’s one of my best drawings.  So enjoy!  I’ll probably color it eventually, along with all my other drawings…

He has a fancy hat.


2 Responses to “Merchant Caravan”

  1. I like the scene’s composition, although there are issues with the eyes, as you’ve noted. Horizon could perhaps use a bit more detail as well–the way it fades into the sky kind of leaves the eye hanging, as it were.

    • Thanks for the feedback! In a character-focused drawing, I usually try to leave the backgrounds simpler, to draw attention to the subject. However, you’re right that those hills back there are awfully bare-looking. Good call.

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