A brief update.

I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been hard at work with new drawings.  Unfortunately, my scanner has failed me once again.  I realized that the Bristol paper I use is too large to fit on the scanner.  This wasn’t a problem when it was just a single image on the center of the page like my previous work, but I’ve been doing more full-page scenes lately.  So, my only option is to scan the drawings in pieces and stick them together in Photoshop.  This is, unsurprisingly, highly inconvenient and is taking a while.  However, I have not died, and I should be able to start posting again next week.

Because I don’t want to post with absolutely no content, here’s a quick GIMP sketch of what I’d love to do with my scanner right now:

I’ll also start archiving my back-posts from the other site.  Hopefully people will be able to read them from here soon.


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